About the management team:


Nick Allen — Founder

Nick is obsessed with engineering best practices. He's spent his entire career building and optimizing engineering teams, both large and small. Previous to Analytics Fire, Nick was the Co-founder and VP of Engineering of Ginzametrics, an enterprise-grade marketing analytics platform. Before that he built 4g-based mobile mesh network systems for the defense industry. Nick has worked in the technology industry in The Netherlands, Poland, India, Israel, and the USA.


Dan Oblinger — Founder

Dan's career has been focused on applying Machine Learning and data science to solve real world problems. As a Program Manager at DARPA, Dan created and led a $100+ million dollar Machine Reading initiative, which lead to the creation of "Watson" — IBM's Jeopardy-playing supercomputer. At IBM Research, Dan developed and patented technology that is now part of the IBM Rational Software tool suite. Dan holds a Pd.D. in Computer Science and taught graduate courses on Machine Learning while a visiting professor at Columbia University.